The Narrativ.

A podcast about storytelling, and the stories behind the storytellers.

Over the course of a long career in technology marketing I’ve developed a deep appreciation of storytelling. Going deeper into why something matters. This podcast takes a slight twist, by exploring the roots of the storytellers themselves – deep dive interviews that explore the backgrounds and stories of interesting people, some of whom are dear friends.

There is no guaranteed direction, but topics might include sports, pop culture, business, marketing, politics, family, travel and food.

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My Extraordinary Playlist; A recap of Season One The Narrativ

To mark the end of Season One of The Narrativ Podcast, join me for a retrospective on the first season, with some great segments, and also a look back at the movies, TV series, documentaries, books, podcasts and music that my 13 guests offered up as suggested content. Looking forward to Season Two, early in 2022.
  1. My Extraordinary Playlist; A recap of Season One
  2. Bryan Kramer, "Father" of Human-to-Human; Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Business Performance Coach
  3. Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith, Founder & CEO of Smule; Serial Entrepreneur; PhD. in Computer-based Music & Acoustics
  4. Gale Filter, Making "Good Trouble"; Using Powerful Photography to Humanize The Homeless
  5. Nicholas Niespodziani, Smoothly Sailing Yacht Rock Revue Where No Band Has Gone Before