The Narrativ.

A podcast about storytelling, and the stories behind the storytellers.

Over the course of a long career in technology marketing I’ve developed a deep appreciation of storytelling. Going deeper into why something matters. This podcast takes a slight twist, by exploring the roots of the storytellers themselves – deep dive interviews that explore the backgrounds and stories of interesting people, some of whom are dear friends.

There is no guaranteed direction, but topics might include sports, pop culture, business, marketing, politics, family, travel and food.

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Eric Schneider, Visual Storyteller; Advising Executives on Business Strategy through Sketch Noting The Narrativ

Excited to have my friend Eric Schneider join me for what I hope you’ll agree is a really interesting conversation.The Narrativ was created to bring interesting people to you who you may not have heard of (or from) before with the common thread of those people being great storytellers.Eric is a great storyteller, and uses interesting mediums to tell his stories, some of which won’t translate to an audio format.So, when you’re done listening, go check out Eric’s blog at https://ericschneiderr.wordpress.com/ or his LinkedIn profile.Eric’s currently a consultant in enterprise software and advises executives in using data to bring their customer strategy to life. He started his career in mechanical engineering, shifted to training and selling engineering software, and continued building his career by continual learning and following his interests. That took him to eCommerce, salesforce automation, marketing technology, analytics, and more. Along the way, Eric built an approach to sketching and writing which helps him think, understand problems, and engage others in solving them. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, two sons, and dog. For fun, he enjoys biking, reading, and cooking. If you want to gain 5 pounds by proxy, just go look at the cooking photos on Eric’s Instagram. Eric is fascinating, I think you’ll enjoy meeting him.
  1. Eric Schneider, Visual Storyteller; Advising Executives on Business Strategy through Sketch Noting
  2. Paul Bocanegra, Sentenced to Life in Prison at 17-Years-Old. Reform Advocate; Restorative Practitioner
  3. Constanza Roeder, Founder: Hearts Need Arts; Childhood Leukemia Survivor; Humanitarian; Singer
  4. Bem Joiner, Connecting the Dots between Brands and Cultures; Founder of Atlanta Influences Everything; Change Maker.
  5. Jesse Cole, Disruptor in a Yellow Tuxedo; Owner of the Savannah Bananas, a circus disguised as a baseball team (or maybe the other way around!)