The Narrativ.

A podcast about storytelling, and the stories behind the storytellers.

Over the course of a long career in technology marketing I’ve developed a deep appreciation of storytelling. Going deeper into why something matters. This podcast takes a slight twist, by exploring the roots of the storytellers themselves – deep dive interviews that explore the backgrounds and stories of interesting people, some of whom are dear friends.

There is no guaranteed direction, but topics might include sports, pop culture, business, marketing, politics, family, travel and food.

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Bem Joiner, Connecting the Dots between Brands and Cultures; Founder of Atlanta Influences Everything; Change Maker. The Narrativ

Bem Joiner believes in Atlanta. Born and raised in the city, he has a pure passion for its people and its progress. In his words: he “majorly contributes to what makes culture in Atlanta cool and captivating”.  As a culture curator and co-founder of the civic-minded creative consultancy & brand, Atlanta Influences Everything, Bem has managed and consulted a variety of lifestyle brands and designed meaningful programs for clients like Sprite, the Mississippi Dept. of Education,truth.org, Jack Daniels, Nissan, the National Black Arts Festival and countless others. He is heavily involved in the Atlanta hip-hop music scene, and even booked "early-adopter" shows for Drake, Kendrick Lamar and the Goodie Mob reunion. Bem is also one of the founders of CreativeCall.org which is a community service effort & collaboration between Atlanta and Stockholm creatives, and was previously the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Center for Civic Innovation in South Downtown Atlanta. Bem recently joined the leadership team at 8 Strains, a cannabis & crypto start-up in San Francisco as the Culture & Community lead. He also currently serves on the boards of three non-profits: The Grove Park Foundation, The Wren's Nest and the Atlanta Film Society. Bem is fascinating, and I think you’ll enjoy meeting him.
  1. Bem Joiner, Connecting the Dots between Brands and Cultures; Founder of Atlanta Influences Everything; Change Maker.
  2. Jesse Cole, Disruptor in a Yellow Tuxedo; Owner of the Savannah Bananas, a circus disguised as a baseball team (or maybe the other way around!)
  3. My Extraordinary Playlist; A recap of Season One
  4. Bryan Kramer, "Father" of Human-to-Human; Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Business Performance Coach
  5. Dr. Jeffrey C. Smith, Founder & CEO of Smule; Serial Entrepreneur; PhD. in Computer-based Music & Acoustics