The Narrativ.

A podcast about storytelling, and the stories behind the storytellers.

Over the course of a long career in technology marketing I’ve developed a deep appreciation of storytelling. Going deeper into why something matters. This podcast takes a slight twist, by exploring the roots of the storytellers themselves – deep dive interviews that explore the backgrounds and stories of interesting people, some of whom are dear friends.

There is no guaranteed direction, but topics might include sports, pop culture, business, marketing, politics, family, travel and food.



Episode 3 – David Fishman The Narrativ – Hosted by Geoff Galat

David Fishman and I are former colleagues who have been friends for a long time, staying in touch largely via Facebook, but we haven’t actually had a conversation in 25 years. Until now. Why now? Because David had a stroke a couple of years ago. And I learned about it from seeing his TEDx speech about it and his recovery. An amazing story. Which fascinated me. And I needed to hear more about it, and pivot to lots of other subjects. But we’re gonna start with the stroke.
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  2. Episode 2 – Katy Howell
  3. Episode 1 – Joe Megibow
  4. Trailer – Pre-Episode