Case Studies

Collaborative Intelligence Clicktale Messaging 2019

The challenge at Clicktale in early 2019 was that while we had a very powerful solution, it was based on an older technology stack and was in-process of a reimagining. In order to get the extreme value we provided required site optimization expertise that many enterprise customers simply didn’t have. So, we provided world-class site optimization consultants along with our SaaS solution. However, competition created noise about the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) could (supposedly) be used by their offerings to deliver similar value without needing consulting services. I (using what has now become the Narrativ Lab process) led a data-driven fact-finding journey followed by a brainstorming and execution workshop to identify a new way to position the combination of our solutions and our consultants as more powerful than AI-based technology alone, landing on a very successful approach – Collaborative Intelligence, the power of Human & Machine – to effectively turn negative FUD into a powerful differentiated message

Experience Means Everything – Clicktale Retail Sales Messaging 2018

This presentation was one of a series of vertically-focused decks used by sales people. The intent of the presentation was to build a story (narrative) around the business challenges retailers faced. The timeline builds to a recognition that even strong brands with significant e-commerce capability were at risk as the experience economy made differentiation more difficult and where customers became less focused on brand and more focused on quality of experiences. The summation was that the marginal differences between good and great experiences were hard to identify using traditional solutions and analytics, leading businesses to have blind spots about what their customers actually experienced. The key here is that there is actually very little product-oriented content in the deck, the point was to demonstrate retail business expertise, show empathy with prospect challenges and drive to meaningful conversations with qualified prospects and not just throw product features & functionality against the wall to see what (if anything) sticks. There were similar decks and narratives created for each key enterprise vertical Clicktale served – retail, financial services & travel.


AGT InternationalSocial IoT: A Game Change for Live Entertainment and Sports Presentation 2015

AGT International formed a joint venture with world-leading Media, Entertainment and Sports agency Endeavor (known as WME|IMG at the time) to offer a consumer-facing Social IoT platform based on AGT’s Big Data analytics and deep web social analytics, data science and creative IoT technologies. The platform connects individuals before, during and after events, infusing their online interactions with their physical, real-life experiences. The platform enables event organizers to develop permission-based apps that create new forms of rich, personalized content in real-time, enhancing the event experience for both attendees and performers. The platform, later branded as HEED, has been used successfully for events including the Professional Bull Riders, UFC and Euroleague Basketball.